fring partners faqs

Affiliate program

What is the fring affiliate program?
The affiliate program offers an easy way to partner with fring. The aim is to create a co–marketing relationship between fring and your company to enable you to offer your customers a fring version with your service settings‚ pre–configured into the fring client‚ so your customers can use your service immediately after they have downloaded fring.
What is the cost of being a fring affiliate?
fring is free to use and distribute‚ subject to fring's affiliate program agreement‚ and fring's user license agreement.
What are the benefits of the fring SIP and Residential VoIP affiliate programs?
  • Pre–configured client with your service settings (proxy) and your customers' credentials (user name and password)
  • Promotion on the fring site (partner page) for active affiliate members (members that promoted fring on their site).
  • Branding elements within the client ("call completed" and "call received" by "your service name logo")
  • Service logo and name appearing in the list of SIP service providers within the application in case customers need to re-subscribe to your SIP account.
What are the benefits of the fring WiFi affiliate programs?
  • Pre–configured client with your service settings (SSID list) and your customers' credentials (User name and password)
  • Promotion on the fring site (partner page) for active members (members that promoted fring on their site).
  • Service logo and name appearing in the fring connection manger.
Does fring support pre- configuration of the SIP / WiFi on iPhone and iPod touch?
No, fring is unable to support this affiliate program feature on Apple devices as the distribution of the fring client for it is done solely via the iTunes store. As the serving is not done through our site or our SIP / WiFi partners site.
Our advice to our partners is to provide an explanation on their own sites as to how to download fring and how to configure their settings on these platforms.
Can I join the affiliate program?
Currently the program is open to
  • SIP providers
  • Residential VoIP providers
  • WiFi providers
  • OEM and ODM's — please use this link to contact us.
  • MNO's and MVNO's — please use this link to contact us.
I would like to partner with fring but my company does not fit the list of affiliate options:
fring welcomes you to send us a short message outlining your idea of how we can work together. We are happy to entertain a range of ideas from the simple feature of fring on your website (we can supply you with a marketing pack) to make more complex arrangements. In order to do so please use this link.
What will I need to do in order to become a fring affiliate?
Once on our partner page‚ please choose the right program for you (e.g. SIP affiliate) and follow the instructions. After completing a short form on our site you will be given access to a page with info‚ code examples and instructions explaining how you can add a fring download box to your site. Once you have completed the implementation and you have a fring download box on your site you should log in using the partner id and password we supplied you with and ask for activation of your account.
I am a SIP provider but I do not have a website — Can I be a fring affiliate if I do not have a website?
Our SIP affiliate program requires you to have a website in order to offer your customers the option to download fring with your service settings. Without having one‚ you will not be able to serve your customers in this way.
Will my customers‚ who use fring‚ be able to use other SIP providers?
The idea behind the program is to allow you to offer your customers a pre–populated fring client with your service settings and your users' credentials.

When this is done the SIP account is populated with your service and there are no other options to move to alternative SIP service providers in the menu‚ unless the user decides to unsubscribe from your pre configured service. At this point users will be able to see the list of other popular SIP providers as well as your own SIP offering.

The alternative to the affiliate client is to use the generic fring client‚ which is not pre–populated with your settings‚ does not feature your service and lists the most popular SIP providers amongst our user base.
Why do you ask for our users' email address and telephone numbers?
The email address is required to provide customer support and retrieve passwords. The telephone number is needed so that we can send an SMS to your user with a download link for fring.
My company provides wholesale white label services (e.g. SIP VoIP) — can my Service Provider partners benefit from fring?
Absolutely — we would be very happy for you to offer them fring as part of your services. Once you have obtained your own fring client it is very easy to replicate it for your partners.

Buying a fring license‚ white label‚ Representation of fring in my country and having a fring client unique to my SIP service

Can I buy a fring license for my VoIP service?
fring does not sell a licenses for fring. fring enables VoIP providers to use the client and offer it to their customers through the fring affiliate program.
I would like to have a white label version of fring for my VoIP service?
fring does not offer a white label version of its service to VoIP providers. fring does provide branding elements inside the fring client as well as the option to pre-populate the fring SIP client for end users with a SIP provider's service setting and users' service credentials (user id & password). This is done through the fring affiliate program.
Can I get a fring client that is unique to my SIP client and does not contain SkypeOut (and other services)?
fring strongly believes that it brings freedom of choice and therefore we do not believe in blocking options that are available in the generic version of fring. We believe your SIP service will stand out in terms of cost and quality.
I would like to be the exclusive distributer ⁄ representative for fring in my country — is this possible?
fring does not offer exclusivity on distribution or representation at this point in time.

fring' affiliate's help and how to edit my service settings

How can I change the service settings that I submitted when I registered for the affiliate site?
Please log in and edit your service settings.
How can I get support as an affiliate?
fring provides high priority support for our affiliates — in order to access support please log in‚ and submit a support request.
How can I add my company to the fring partner page?
fring offers its affiliate partners exposure on our partner page. If you would like to add your company to our partner page please log in and submit a short description of your company (up to 75 words) and your logo in the format suggested according to the instructions on that page.

Please keep in mind that fring reserves the right to edit its partner page as it sees fit and that joining the fring affiliate program does not oblige fring to add your company to the fring partner page.

Please note the following criteria we use:
  • More active partners get higher visibility
  • We do not present non-active members

How does it work?

How does the fring SIP client route VoIP traffic?
All fring client traffic is routed to the closest available fring server farm (fring has several farms around the world to ensure low latency and best QOS) and from there to your SIP ⁄ Residential VoIP server.
Which codec does fring support?
fring currently supports the following codecs and uses them in the following priority:
  1. GSM–06.10
  2. iLBC–13k3
  3. G.711–ALaw
  4. G.711–uLaw
How does fring's pre configuration solution work?
Many of fring's services are managed from the server. The SIP client‚ WISPr‚ WiFI client and fringAdd–ons are all server based applications. Once a user downloads fring from an affiliate program member's site‚ fring is able to retrieve relevant information from its affiliate site and configure the relevant services so the user will be required to do it manually and be able to use the affiliate site immediately.

Can I buy fring credit in order to make SIP calls?

Can I buy fring credit in order to make SIP calls?
fring offers a generic SIP client that can be used with most SIP operators. If you are a fring user and looking for SIP termination providers we recommend that you buy credit from one of our affiliates.