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fring Brings Mobile Group Video to Big Screen Tablets with Optimized iPad Suite

SEE the fun, 4 friends Group Video chat, free

London, United Kingdom, 27 June 2011. fring, the mobile communication service that pioneered mobile video over internet calls across all major Smartphone platforms, now brings the world’s first dedicated Group Video chat service to the leading tablet, the iPad.

fring’s iPad Group Video chat enables four friends to simultaneously video chat one another, & see friends across a host of devices including iPhone, Android & Nokia, over any internet connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G).

With fring on the iPad, users enjoy full-size 9.7-inch LED, glossy widescreen Video chat, with Multi-Touch display and optimized picture quality using fring’s proprietary DVQ™ technology.

The fring iPad Group Video chat experience is wrapped in a fun, intuitive, natural gesture- navigation where users drag & drop friends into Group Video chat, move their video chat stream & seamlessly augment video chat with parallel communication like tandem text chatting.

“fring is empowering tablet users to unleash the power of their 9.7 inch screens beyond movie watching and gaming to rich, fun personal video communication,” says Avi Shechter, CEO and Co-founder of fring. “With Group Video on the iPad, we are changing face to face video chat. Users will now be able to video socialize on big screen tablets enjoying seeing their friends wherever they are- as they commute, sunbathe at the beach or wait for coffee at a café.”

In addition to free Group Video chat, fring enables users to make free two-way video chat, voice calls and live chat with friends on Android, iPhone/iPod touch & Nokia Smartphones.

fring’s iPad Group Video is available from Apple’s App Store. A demo video is available here.

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About fring™

fring ( is a mobile communication service that gives users rich, fun communication from their mobile phones. fring users make free Group Video chat, video chat, voice calls and live chat.

Users can also make calls to any landline or mobile phone worldwide from 1c/minute using fringOut.

fring leverages the mobile phone's internet connection to create these communication experiences. fring is available on all major Smartphones & tablets (including iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad, Android and Nokia), on any mobile operator, and any mobile internet connection (3G/4G, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE).

fring continues to grow exponentially with tens of millions of users in more than 200 countries, adding more than a million new Smartphone users every month.

fring® fringster™ fring™ logo and the DVQ™ are all trademarks of fringland Ltd.

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