fring news
  • “New king of apps”

  • “fring adds internet features to cell phones.
    You just download this one
    little thin app to your
    phone and it just does it,
    it works, it’s the best!”

  • “Communicating the smarter way”

  • “groundbreaking telecommunication technology… computer wizards
    have come up
    with fring“

  • “fring provides an even richer experience on more phones”

  • “For the first time you can make video calls on a mobile phone for nothing… over Wi-Fi or 3G”

  • “If you don't have a landline and are on the go with your mobile then use fring to make cheaper calls through Wi-Fi”

  • “fring ups mobile video chat competition with group calls"

  • “The new beta group video calling feature puts fring on the cutting edge”

  • “fring…connecting four people at once, on video, for free. Free!”

  • “fring for Android is two-way video calling from the FUTURE”

  • “fring was the first to bring VoIP calls
    to the iPhone and it looks like it’s now
    finally done the same
    for video calling”

  • “fring has a radical approach to saving money
    for mobile users. Like Skype, its technology lets them make voice-over-the-Internet phone calls, only in this case,
    from a handset.”

  • “fring eliminates the need to download specialized apps for each social
    network or communication tool-
    now you only have to worry about
    which friends you want to reach”

  • “so go grab fring”

  • “Popular mobile VoIP and chat client fring has updated its mobile app to add support for 2-way video calling for the iPhone 4….Fring app has two big advantages over Apple’s video calling feature: 3G support and compatibility across
    multiple platforms“

  • “fring challenges Skype with $0.01 per minute with VoIP calls”

  • “FringOut Grants Worldwide Mobile Calls Starting
    At One Cent Per Minute. Pretty convenient, and it’s being integrated into the Fring app. Remind me again, why do we need to pay carriers separately for a voice plan?”