clicking your way to be a fringster - interactive user guide

On your handset: Open the SMS message and click the download link (see Figure)


NOTE: your fring-id is set as your international mobile number:
Your friends can use this fring-id to locate you on the fring network to talk and chat free of charge.

The following screen appears:
Click Yes using your left soft key to begin the download process. Within a few seconds, the handset accesses the website. fring is downloaded to your handset and you are ready to begin the installation process.

NOTE: This process may take a few seconds.

Before you can use fring, it needs to be installed on your handset. At the end of the download process, the following screen appears:

fring screen image - download warning
When the screen in figure above appears, press Yes using your left soft key.

NOTE: fring is currently in the process of obtaining the approval seal needed so that the above Security warning will not appear. Be assured that your mobile security is not being compromised in any way.
fring security warning



fring screen image - install the application
The following screen appears:
Click Yes using your left soft key to start install.





screen screen image - view certificate
The following screen appears:
Selectt Install and press OK using your left soft key.





fring screen image - choose memory to install
Once the installation is complete, the following screen opens:
Select the memory you would like to use and press OK using your left soft key.
Note: fring can be loaded into any available memory space.


fring is now installed on your handset.

A short registration process is required before you can begin to use fring.
The stages of this process are:
> Accepting the EULA (End User License Agreement)
> Nickname and Password Selection
> Service Definition

fring screen image - view EULA and term of use
Before you can begin working with fring, read and accept the EULA.
To read and accept the EULA:
1. Use the down arrow to scroll through the EULA.
2. Once you have read the EULA and agreed to the terms, press OK using your left soft key.
3. The full EULA is available on our website at

The installation process begins and a progress bar is shown.



fring screen image - choose data access point
During the installation process, the following screen may appear
The specific access points may vary depending on your international location and carrier.

Select your 3G/GPRS connection (and not your WAP connection).

If you do not have any access point set up (what does it mean – that they can't find this screen?), go to Nokia on-line service to have your settings sent to your handset via SMS


fring screen image - automatic search for access point
If you fail to configure access point correctly, you may do it automatically by pressing OK.

Once the installation is complete, an Installation Complete message appears briefly. You are now ready to select your fring nickname and password. The registration screen allows you to select your nickname and the password you will use to access your fring account.

fring screen image - enter registration data Your fring nickname will help your friends find you easily.
A password is required to secure your account and to protect your fring contact list.
Note: The user-id is the international phone number of your handset (+).
It cannot be changed. Your friends can search for you and contact you using this number

To select your nickname:
1. Use the keys on your handset to choose the nickname you want to use.
2. Use the down arrow on your handset to navigate to the next field.

To select your password:
1. Use the keys on your handset to choose the password you want to use (Passwords must be at least 4 characters).
2. Click Next using your right soft key to move to the next screen.

Once you have chosen your fring nickname and password, provide the details of your VoIP service (e.g., Skype or Google-Talk) so that you can begin making and receiving VoIP calls.
Note: You can add one or more VoIP services (e.g., Skype or Google-Talk) to which you are registered. Make sure to have your username and password for each.
If you do not already have a VoIP account, register on the Web before you begin to add networks. You can add a VoIP service at any time. See Adding or Editing a VoIP Service in this guide.

fring screen image - wireline VoIP registration To add a VoIP service:
Navigate between the options using the up and down arrows on your handset.
Choose the network from the list and press the joystick in.




fring screen image - registration to Skype, Gtalk and MSN In the User name field, type the username of the service you have selected (e.g., your Skype/Gtalk user name).

Navigate to the Password field using the down arrow on your handset. In the Password field, type the password of the service you have selected (e.g., your Skype/Gtalk password).

Click OK using your left soft key.



fring screen image - registration process The system now sign you into the specific VoIP service.
Once the sign in is complete, the VoIP selection screen appears.

If you are interested in adding an additional VoIP service, repeat the steps above

If you have completed selecting VoIP services, press Next using your right soft key.


You have successfully completed the registration.
You are now ready to make your first call.

Once you have completed the installation and registration processes described above, you're ready to make your first call.

fring screen image - make your first free mobile-VoIP call
fring image - main contact listThe contact list of your fring contacts, selected VoIP service(s) contacts and the handset’s contact list appears.

Note: If you have added more than one VoIP service, the contact list will display contacts from all services in a single list




To know that everything is working correctly, you may choose to call the "fring Test call". The fring Echo is a test center that lets you record a message and plays it back to you. If you hear both the message at the test center and the message that you have recorded, you're ready to go!

To call the fring Echo:
1. From your contact list choose the fring Echo contact and press the joystick in.
2. The call connects to the test center.
3. Listen to the message and follow the instructions.
4. Your testing is complete!

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